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MathTools V3

New V3 Features at a Glance

Current Version: 3.0.1 build 079, 2020-Oct-20 (_Previous Version: 3.0.1 build 065, 2019-Dec-01)

Note, this product requires a license to unlock its features:
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V3 Release Notes

V3 Installation Guide

... for InDesign / InCopy:

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  1. MathTools V3 works with current annual licenses purchased after Oct 31st, 2016.
  2. MathTools V3 is designed to be compatible with V2. However, a few exceptions related to new V3 only features exist.

MathTools V2

Current Version: 2.1.5 build 621, 2016-Feb-17 (Previous Version: 2.1.5 build 620)

Note, this product requires a license to unlock its features. Online shop

Release Notes

Installation Guide

... for InDesign / InCopy

We currently rely on the free STIX General font family. They're part of latest operating systems. In case you're missing the font, please download from our servers: STIX General Font

Note: In the default configuration, you may experience a crash in rare circumstances, if STIX General font is not installed, and the body text font can't resolve a requested glyph. This will be fixed in a upcoming build.

... Documentation

  • MathTools V3 New Features at a Glance
  • MathTools V2 HOW TOs
  • mt.editor V1 User Guide (covers V1.x) [PDF][380]
  • mt.importer V1 User Guide (covers V1.x) [PDF][381]

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