MathTools V3 Release Notes

What's new in build 087g (V3.0.1.087g, May 10, 2024)

  • EyeDropper tool no longer gets reset if InMath (InDesign MathTools) is installed

  • MathType equation import: fix import for operators with MathType FUNCTION style applied

  • Internal changes for stability and portability

What's new in build 087f (V3.0.1.087f, April 10, 2024)

  • Fix for a crash related to MathZone Leading

  • Internal changes for stability

What's new in build 087e (V3.0.1.087e, Jan 22, 2024)

  • Improved support for newer MathType equations in EPS

  • Licensing issue; especially relevant for InDesign MathTools (InMath) for InDesignServer

  • Fixes related to stability

What's new in build 087c (V3.0.1.087c, Oct 16, 2023)

Available for     InDesign 2024     product family

  • Improved support for newer MathType Web App equations in Word docx

What's new in build 087b (V3.0.1.087b, Oct 18, 2022)

Available for     InDesign 2023     product family

  • Create new math expressions and have the selected content become either the first or second main argument

  • Improved MathML import for big operators and fractions

  • Added support for newer MathType Web App equations on Word docx

  • MathTools EE: Export MathZones as Images via scripting

  • MathTools EE: UXP support for MathTools scripting api

What's new in build 087 (V3.0.1.087, Oct 06, 2021)

for macOS older than 10.15.6 only:

  • workaround a macOS SSL issue with expired certificates which may result in "License Expired" or "License Invalid" license status

What's new in build 086 (V3.0.1.086, Jun 08, 2021)

selected improvements:

  • macOS: native support for Apple Silicon

  • Windows: resolve issue with font style detection

  • Windows: resolve issue with stacked expression alignment for certain body fonts, like Calibri and Cambria

  • Windows: ceased support for 32bit versions of InDesign/InCopy

  • added accidentally dropped sub-menu item to Switch Applied Math Style to the Math menu in the Control Strip

What's new in build 085 (V3.0.1.085, Apr 08, 2021)

Important: all MathTools installations must use build 085 or newer due to a change in the licensing tool!

selected improvements:

  • MathML: fix a crash due to '@' symbol in a MathZone

  • MathML: improve use of mstyle mathvariant in some cases

  • licensing: various improvements to support upcoming changes in the subscription license fulfillment process

What's new in build 080 (V3.0.1.080, Feb 01, 2021)

selected improvements:

  • fix issue with SCOPE styles if the text color is None: now the enclosing is no longer rendered

  • MathStyle Find/Change: add Find/Clear option

  • EE: Added Fixed Layout EPUB export with Equation Images and MathML

What's new in build 079 (V3.0.1.079, Oct 20, 2020)

selected improvements:

  • fix issue with Windows UNC paths for MathTools EPUB exports

  • MathType equation import: apply font style settings according to MathType equation preferences

  • Word docx import: work around an issue with non ASCII characters in the original Word document, especially on Windows.

  • Detect MathType / legacy Equation Editor equations in DOCX files converted from ODT or created by an application other than MS Word

  • Convert pre-script expressions created in legacy Equation Editor

  • Added entries for LONG DIVISION expressions to MathToolsbox Fractions, Roots, Scripts, Brackets

  • Fixed Math Style Options issue that prevented selecting a character by its glyph-id in some fonts; reqiured to suppport Latin Modern fonts, for example

  • Fixed issue with UTF-16 encoded characters like U+10FFEA; reqiured to suppport select symbols in Asana Math font, for example

  • Word Equation Builder import for big operators like a sum or integral, avoid extra CR around display equations

  • MathML import for big operators like a sum or integral

  • SCOPE expressions: adding Enclosing Notations actuarial, phasorangle, madruwb as defined by MathML 3 spec for menclose

  • Fix overset issues in inline MathZone frames on PDF + MathML export

  • Fix leading issues due to wrapping MathZones into inline frames, if Leading was applied to parts of the MathZone

  • Temporarily allow MathTools SEAT licenses in remote access session during Work From Home setups

  • Integrate latest licensing tool udpates

What's new in build 065 (V3.0.1.065, Dec 01, 2019)


  • Logging details to identify license activation problems

What's new in build 064 (V3.0.1.064, Nov 04, 2019)

Available for     InDesign 2020     product family


  • MathType Equation conversion: translate MathType styles User1, User1 and Other into InDesign Character Styles Math_MTUser1, Math_MTUser2 and Math_MTOther, respectively.

What's new in build 063 (V3.0.1.063, Oct 29, 2019)

bug fixes:

  • MacOS: switching MacOS users caused MathTools to turn into READER mode despite a valid license file for all but the first user who activated MathTools

What's new in build 062 (V3.0.1.062, Sept 27, 2019)

MANDATORY UPDATE –– apply before October 20, 2019!

First step in a series of changes to update the license tool used by MathTools.

  1. Better suport for Windows 10 and latest MacOS operating systems

  2. Avoid new license file on subscription renewals


  • import equations from Google Docs documents exported as Word docx

  • MacOS Catalina support: MathTools archive for CC 2019 is notarized

What's new in build 060 (V3.0.1.060, May 08, 2019)

bug fixes: MathType equation conversion

  • textRange.mtConvertImageToMathZone() fails if first character of text range is an inline graphic

  • fix crash due to regression introduced in build 056 (Enterprise Edition only)

improvements: MathType equation conversion

  • no longer grow the width of a merged cell

What's new in build 058 (V3.0.1.058, Apr 10, 2019)

bug fixes in Office MathML component:

  • fix crash during import of Word docx (MacOS Mojave)

  • allow cancelation of Word docx equation conversion in progress bar

What's new in build 057 (V3.0.1.057, Apr 09, 2019)

improvements: MathType equation conversion

  • map more MathType symbols to their Unicode counterparts

bug fixes:

  • fix regresssion regarding support for small and diagonal fractions

  • converting inline MathType EPS equations into multi-line MathZones preserves the paragraph style

What's new in build 056 (V3.0.1.056, Apr 05, 2019)

improvements: Enterprise Edition only

  • mtWrapMathZonesIntoInlineFrames() now returns an array with the inlined MathZone TextFrames

What's new in build 055 (V3.0.1.055, Mar 13, 2019)

CRITICAL UPDATE: works around a bug dealing with date/time calculations. The bug results in temporary Invalid License conditions in earlier builds. Will be followed by a new release that fixes the bug

improvements: MathML import

  • support MO elements with one of the Unicode defined fixed-width space as content

bug fixes:

  • Word docx: fix accumulating memory leak in Office-MathML (Equation Builder) import. May have lead to crashes due to low-memory conditions.

What's new in build 054 (V3.0.1.054, Feb 10, 2019)

improvements: MathML import

  • Paste as MathZone: use modifier key OPTION (ALT) to force MathTools to interpret the incoming MathML equation as display equation

    This affects fractions and some operators with limits.

    Note: when pasting from Word, some operators (like sums, or integrals) will be converted with limits in sub/superscript positions even if in Word limits are above and below. This is due to some setting in Word that affects the conversion to MathML. Ask us, if you need to fix this in Word.

  • Importing from Word: map hyphen-minus to minus-sign, apostrophs to prime.

  • MathStyle mapping for big operator expressions (like sums, integrals, ...)


  • Export PDF with MathML: work around a bug in InDesign CC 2018/19: first inline text frame with PDF Tag 'Artifact' applied (via object style) causes all subsequent paragraphs in the parent frame to export as 'Artifact' into the PDF.

bug fixes:

  • Export EPUB with Equation Images: ensure the layout is in a proper state before running the export. This applies especially to automation workflows with MathTools EE.

  • MathTools Font Exceptions: if, for a given font+style, more than one exception is available, only the first exception is found.

What's new in build 053 (V3.0.1.053, Jan 19, 2019)

This updates supersedes build 052 by adding a few improvements for the MathTools Enterprise Edition


  • mtAllMathZones returns MathZones in increasing text index order

What's new in build 052 (V3.0.1.052, Jan 14, 2019)

CRITICAL UPDATE: should be installed to avoid corruption of MathZones.


  • Equation Builder (Word) import: add support for DISPLAY equations

bug fixes

  • fixed severe MathZone corruption: some undo/redo scenarios turned off protection for MathZones; w/o protection it is possible to accidentally corrupt a MathZone

  • MathML import: fix edge cases for sub/superscripts and under/overscripts like subscript expression with empty script

  • MathML import: fix handling of displaystyle in base argument of sub/superscript and under/overscript expressions

  • fix license tool issue

What's new in build 051 (V3.0.1.051, Jan 08, 2019)

  • MathML import: Improve mapping of accents and embellishments; especially for combining marks.

  • Bring back V2 feature for MathZones: Store Away as Reference

bug fixes

  • various

What's new in build 050 (V3.0.1.050, Oct 19, 2018)

  • Added MathTools support for CC 2019
  • Improved Endnotes support

bug fixes

  • various

What's new in build 049 (V3.0.1.049, July 27, 2018)

bug fixes

  • Fix crash on Paste as MathZone and Drag'n'drop of external equations.
  • (Enterprise Edition) Fix ExportFormat.EPUB_WITH_MATHML when using doc.exportFile() in scripting

What's new in build 048 (V3.0.1.048, July 09, 2018)

bug fixes

  • Conversion of V1 MathStyle expression of type ACCENT fails

What's new in build 047 (V3.0.1.047, June 05, 2018)

MathTools builds for CC 2015, 2017 and 2018 only

bug fixes

  • Removed false positive plug-in dependency to mt.editor.ui.MathZone for Math Enabled documents created with InDesign (CC 2015, 2017 and 2018)+MathTools and subsequently used in some InDesignServer+MathTools workflow.

What's new in build 046 (V3.0.1.046, May 08, 2018)

bug fixes

  • Fixed severe issue introduced as side-effect of the V1 Math Style'd Expression Conversion feature that allowed to delete Math Styles even if they're in use.
  • Fixed minor issue with MathML export for inconsistent Math Style'd expressions.

What's new in build 045 (V3.0.1.045, April 17, 2018)

bug fixes

  • Fixed MathML in IDML import compatibility issue introduced in build 040
  • Fixed issue with Alignment settings in V2:TABULAR Math Style Options Dialog

What's new in build 043 (V3.0.1.043, March 28, 2018)


  • Provides support to analyze expression alignment issues related to fonts like Calibri, Cambria, Cambria Math
  • Allows to configure exceptions to work around these font related issues

What's new in build 041 (V3.0.1.041, March 20, 2018)



  • MathML import of and with prime symbols in superscript position now maps to a Math Style that renders the prime symbol at full size.

bug fixes

  • InDesign appears to hang when accessing the menu (or using some keyboard shortcuts) if huge amounts of text is on the system clipboard
  • MathML import: fix document option 'Apply Spacing in Limits' to work as expected: if checked, operator spacing will be applied in limits sub-expressions during import.

What's new in build 040 (V3.0.1.040, March 15, 2018)



  • Math Styles Options (V2:FENCES, V2:OVER-/UNDERBAR): Added option Skip Symbol Variant For Body Font to Expression Settings to ignore the body font when selecting the variant for a stretchy symbol (like brackets or arrows).
  • Math > Support > Troubleshooting > Collect Font Information: identify and log font related issues if math expressions seem to not align properly.
  • MathML import: log XML parsing errors
  • MathML in IDML:
    • improvement to deal with huge MathML expressions
    • no longer stops import after a MathML import failure (e.g, due to malformed MathML/XML)

bug fixes

  • fixes crash when importing MathML in IDML, related to the mathvariant attribute.

What's new in build 039 (V3.0.0.039, February 5, 2018)



bug fixes

  • Pasting equations from Word does not work (Windows only): menu item Paste as MathZone not offered, or context menu showed after a significant delay

  • Multi-click selection of text stopped working after using InDesign's Tool-Toggle feature (Cmd/Ctrl+Click) while the M-Tool is active

What's new in build 037 (V3.0.0.037, January 17, 2018)

!! important update !!



bug fixes

  • build/packaging issue that may cause the equation import to fail

What's new in build 036 (V3.0.0.036, December 15, 2017)



bug fixes

  • plug-in dependency to mt.core.MathZone was added to non-Math docs in some cases; note: fix does not change existing documents but applies to new docs only.

What's new in build 035 (V3.0.0.035, November 25, 2017)



  • MathToolbox Add Custom Toolbox: enable only on a story selection that can be imported as toolbox

bug fixes

What's new in build 034 (V3.0.0.034, November 12, 2017)


  • Removed Math Styles Panel menu entry Recompose All. It is superseded by Rebuild All MathZones in the Math menu
  • Moved Math Styles Panel menu entry Rebuild All (Use with care) to Math > Support as Clear Expressions and apply Math Styles again (use with care)


  • MathToolbox Symbol tools: use the font of the assigned character style to render the symbol preview in the tool palette.

bug fixes

  • CC 2018: New V3 Place Word docx import and import Equations failed to convert MathType equations, while native Place worked well.

  • Import of Super-, Sub-, Over- and Underscript expressions created new Math Style per expression.

  • Build issue with WIN builds sometimes causes misleading startup alert regarding MathObjects plug-in

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