MathTools READER

MathTools READER is a free installation of MathTools.

MathTools READER does not provide equation editing and formatting.

Got a Missing Plug-Ins alert with references to MathTools? Go ahead, download the READER and extract the downloaded archive into the Plug-Ins folder of your InDesign, InCopy or InDesign Server installation and be sure to re-launch. That's it!

NOTE: be sure to frequently check and update your READER to the latest version available.

READER V3 for InDesign / InCopy

READER V3 for InDesign Server


MathTools READER is required to access MathTools Enabled documents (and avoid the Missing Plug-Ins alert). These documents contain MathStyles and, optionally, MathTools equations. The READER is needed to manage MathTools related data and their relationship in documents. Without the READER, InDesign product family would reset or strip off MathTools related data, which renders equations useless. This is standard InDesign behavior and applicable for any 3rd party plugin solution.

The installation of READER doesn't generally have any impact on other documents. However, if a MathTools equation is copied from a MathTools Enabled document to one that's NOT MathTools Enabled, that document becomes MathTools Enabled afterwards. Because an equation got copied into that document, all the MathStyles used in that equation are copied as well, which in turn, requires to Enable that document for MathTools as side effect. Just in the very same way, character styles are handled.

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