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MathTools highlights

  • Available for InDesign, InCopy CC (2014 .. 2024)
  • New MathStyles, e.g.
    • Matrix
    • Horizontal Braces
    • Multiscripts
    • Resizing multi-segment fences, arrows, ...
  • Preview support in MathStyle Options
  • Incremental MathStyle Find/Change
  • MathZones
  • MathML import and export
  • InDesign Server support
  • V3: Keyboard Shortcuts for Math Styles
  • V3: Math Toolboxes
  • V3: New context menu to insert expressions
  • V3: EPUB/HTML + Equation Images export
  • V3: Supports EPUB Book Export with MathML and Equation Images
  • V3: New Word docx equation import with support for Microsoft Equation Builder
  • V3: Leading for MathZones

MathTools V3 – New features at a Glance

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Company information

  • An independent Adobe software developer based in Biberach / Riss, Germany.
  • We provide fully integrated solutions for mathematic, scientific and financial equations with Adobe InDesign CC (2014 .. 2024).
Adobe Solution Partner

movemen is an Adobe Solution Partner.