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MathTools V2

Current Version: 2.1.5 build 621, 2016-Feb-17 (Previous Version: 2.1.5 build 620)

Current Version for CC 2017: 2.1.6 build 664, 2017-Jun-18 (Previous Version: 2.1.6 build 663)

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Release Notes

Installation Guide

... for InDesign / InCopy

... for InDesign Server

We currently rely on the free STIX General font family. They're part of latest operating systems. In case you're missing the font, please download from our servers: STIX General Font

Note: In the default configuration, you may experience a crash in rare circumstances, if STIX General font is not installed, and the body text font can't resolve a requested glyph. This will be fixed in a upcoming build.

... Documentation

  • MathTools V2 HOW TOs
  • mt.editor V1 User Guide (covers V1.x) PDF
  • mt.importer V1 User Guide (covers V1.x) PDF

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