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mt.editor installation

Associated Product: mt.editor

Last change: Dec 07, 2011

Here are the install instructions for mt.editor v1

  • Download latest build
  • Quit Adobe InDesign or InCopy
  • Locate the Plug-Ins folder for your copy of Adobe InDesign, InCopy or InDesign Server installation
  • Unzip the mt.editor archive and find the movemen folder
  • Drag/Copy the entire movemen folder to the Plug-ins folder for Adobe InDesign or InCopy
  • Unzip the mt.editor license file and Drag/Copy the mt.editor license file to the "Lic" folder—Plug-ins/movemen/lic
  • The new folder structure means that the license files for mt.importer and mt.editor are stored in this common License folder.

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