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mt.editor V1

The FREE Reader versions of mt.editor do not require a license file; however, all the functionality is there. The FREE Reader versions offer users the following benefits:

  • Ability to generate a and e-mail a License Report to movemen (choose one option—Create License Report or Send License Report)
  • Ability to "safely" Open documents containing mt.editor equations and save the document backwards to an earlier version of Adobe InDesign or InCopy
  • Ability to "safely" work on documents containing mt.editor equations on Adobe InDesign Server

(build, 21-August-2012)

release notes

mt.editor V1 download only includes mt.editor plug-ins.

  • CS6 (READER only!) Mac, Win
  • CS5.5 Mac, Win
  • CS5 Mac, Win

  • CS4 Mac, Win (build, Jun.2012)

  • CS3 Mac, Win (build, Feb.2011, End-Of-Life)

mt.editor v1 Documentation

Note, the User Guide will be updated soon

  • mt.editor V1 User Guide (covers V1.x) PDF

mt.importer v1

In addition to the mt.importer 1.0 archive, customers also need to download the following:

mt.importer V1 download includes BOTH mt.importer and mt.editor plug-ins.

  • MathTools Project Manager (an Adobe AIR application) for use with CS4 - CS5.5
  • MathTools Project Selector Extension for use with CS4 - CS5.5

mt.importer v1 Documentation

  • mt.importer V1 User Guide (covers V1.x) PDF
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