MathTools V3 Release Notes

What's new in build 034 (V3.0.0.034, November 12, 2017)


  • Removed Math Styles Panel menu entry Recompose All. It is superseded by Rebuild All MathZones in the Math menu
  • Moved Math Styles Panel menu entry Rebuild All (Use with care) to Math > Support as Clear Expressions and apply Math Styles again (use with care)


  • MathToolbox Symbol tools: use the font of the assigned character style to render the symbol preview in the tool palette.

bug fixes

  • CC 2018: New V3 Place Word docx import and import Equations failed to convert MathType equations, while native Place worked well.

  • Import of Super-, Sub-, Over- and Underscript expressions created new Math Style per expression.

  • Build issue with WIN builds sometimes causes misleading startup alert regarding MathObjects plug-in

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