V1.3.1.630: Equation Editor CS5 - CS6 available for download

Downloads for the latest builds of the Equation Editor mt.editor are available for Adobe InDesign and InCopy CS4, CS5/CS5.5 and CS6

mt.editor and mt.importer released for Adobe InDesign CS6 product family

movemen just released math tools for Adobe InDesign CS6 and Adobe InCopy CS6

mt.editor 1.0 FREE Reader available for use with Adobe InDesign CS6

movemen GmbH is pleased to announce a fully compatible release of mt.editor 1.0 FREE Reader for use with Adobe InDesign CS6!

movemen launches mt.importer 1.0

movemen GmbH is pleased to announce that mt.importer 1.0 is officially released and available online!

movemen prepares to launch mt.importer 1.0 in Q4 2011

mt.importer 1.0 eliminates the need to re-key Math Type equations in Adobe InDesign or InCopy.

Uploaded—Recorded movemen presentations + mt.importer 1.0 demo

movemen has published an initial series of recorded presentations as well as a demo of mt.importer 1.0.

movemen hosting meetings for licensed InMath® customers

We are extending invitations to all interested InMath customers to attend one of 3 web-hosted meetings so that we can address and answer a number of questions and concerns.

New Director of Business Development and Product Management

David Cohen joins movemen as Director of Business Development and Product Management...

MathTools Equation Editor CS5 released

movemen released its equation editor for CS5 today! Upgrades from InMath available.

2009- Adobe InDesign and InDesign Server CS4 SDK Post-launch Developer Briefing

Adobe invites you to a briefing (Free of charge) to help you get a better understanding of the InDesign CS4 SDK, focusing on new content, enhancements, changes and porting.

movemen is invited to talk about porting challenges, strategies and recipes. Join us in Munich or New York.

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