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Last change: Jun 26, 2012

Choosing the Right Math Style

Math Style Settings Explained

If you want to Edit the
Make the argument larger or smaller Argument panel>Scale H/V field
Make the bar wider or narrower Argument panel>Offset:Left and Offset:Right fields
Move the bar up or down Argument panel>Offset:Above field
Make the bar thicker or thinner Bar panel>Scale V field
Adjust the space between the left arrow and the bar Left panel>Offset:Right field
Adjust the space between the right arrow and the Right panel>Offset:Left field
Change the arrow characters to be different characters (see Notes for details) Left/Right Panels>Insert field


  1. To create arrows that use different arrow characters, edit the Left/Right Delimiter>Insert fields. To create an arrow that has an arrow on only one side enter a zero into the Insert field for the side that you want to be blank.
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